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    1.10. 2020 Lectures are back for this Fall. Please, consider still to join MS Teams, where we uplaod auxiliary materials, and this platform give you full service in case of switch to distance learning.. The text will be uploaded there, Note also offer of a few new diploma projects at the Teaching page to stay informed up to date.

    23.11. 2020 A forever taking project on optical dynamics in perylene dyads landed in Frontiers in Chemistry . Thanks to Vlád'a Sláma and all my fellow coauthors from Prague and Munich for finishing this 9 years long anabasis.

    20.9. 2020 A new study on exciton annihilation in squaraine trimers is published in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters , leaded by Constantin Heshmatpour and Jürgen Hauer (TU Munich)

    26.2. 2020 A contribution to a new paper of Santiago Oviedo and Javier Prior on enhancing of 2DES spectra by using magnitec pulses is published in Journal of Chemical Physics ,

    25.2. 2020 List of Problems for Quantum Optics II

    12.12. 2019 Come to see the our joint Prague-Munich Christmas seminar

    20.9. 2019 A new paper on spectroscopy of exciton annihilation is public in Chemical Physics , coauthored by Constantin Heshmatpour and Jürgen Hauer (TU Munich)

    5.9. 2019 Václav Perlík defended PhD. thesis. Congratulations.